Friday, May 28, 2010

Mini love

I love miniature things. Always have. I think my Gran might have something to do with it. We used to sit at her kitchen table and play with those figurines that came in Tetley tea packs. We'd sculpt food out of wax for them. Making mini things for mini things. I still feel this way. I love dolls, you'll see a lot of evidence of that here. I have a doll house that is currently at my Gran's place (she has fully furnished it)and have always thought that it would be great to take photos of it from a scale that would make it look like picture of a regular size home. Small things just make me happy. So imagine how delighted I was to stumble upon Annina. From her blog you will see how she shares my love of mini things. Mini houses to be exact. Her photography is so inspiring. The way each room looks like we could walk right into it even though it's so small is amazing.

See for yourself:

I think I might need to get that doll house back and start some of my own!!

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