Monday, May 31, 2010


I have a bike and I ride to work everyday. The problem is I want a cuter bike that is more fun. Right now I have a boring old mountain bike. It's served me well over the last 12+ years but I feel like it's time for a change. The only problem is can I afford (or justify) this change?

Here are the styles I would really like:

The problem is these all range from $500 to over $1000. I feel like it would be crazy for me to spend that amount of money on a bike, even though I ride to and from work 5 days a week until it's too cold to ride.

Canadian tire has this nice cruiser for $159

That's totally doable the only problem is it has no gears. I encounter a couple of hills on my way to work and this wouldn't cut it. So, do I find a new way to work so I can ride in inexpensive style? Do I fork out mega bucks just to get the bike I really want because it looks pretty but that I don't really need? Or do I suck it up and keep riding my old bike? What's a girl to do?


  1. This is the bike that I have. She is lovely. I have had her for two years.

    Late June they usually go on sale - I got mine for $99.00.

    There are no gears (and only coaster brakes) but you get surprisingly used to it.

    You should totally get this super-cute bike.

  2. Those are all adorbs, but I have to say as someone who bought a fancy cruiser a few years ago, she's kind of collecting dust in my basement now as more of an "art piece". I was just thinking that I need to take her out for a spin actually, periodically I will wander past and give her a nudge so that her air cap lights flicker on ( have dubbed her "tokyo drift" for a reason...). For practicality (and weight and speed, and gear options, and ease of motion and braking options) you will probably find you'll your MB will still be your go-to for biking to work--do you have slicks on it? (tho I guess it depends how long or difficult your ride is...mine is hell for a cruiser--especially when I have to LIFT it over the rideau locks and HANG it up at work). My crusier is too much of a beast for that, esepcially when you just want to GET THERE. (but I am impatient as you know...)
    Still, I think you should have BOTH so I say buy one! Better for leisurely bike rides with Stevie and wearng dresses and carrying kittens and baguettes in your basket! (but I would possibly avoid the CT supercycle... go for the electra!--and I love that third one too)
    having said all this I'm still thinking I want one of the dutch cruisers myself. I can justify 4 bikes right??? I was pretty pissed when Jorg & Olif went under and I had backorder in (though it kind of saved me 1300$ I suppose...)

  3. also, my captcha for that comment was
    no joke. Have they stopped using real words now? IS that word?

  4. Yeah, I'll still use my MB for riding to work I think, the cruiser will probably be too heavy. I still want a cruiser though so I can put a seat on it and ride with Stevie. I will get one at this point this summer, I think I need to shop around though and see what's out there.