Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer in SoRo

Despite the disgustingly hot weather we've been having here in SoRo, the summer has been quite enjoyable. We started off by enjoying the small pool on our deck and have graduated to the big pool now that the City has opened it. Stevie is crazy for the water. She loves her floaties and jumps in off of the side of the pool into our arms of course. Every now and then we "forget" to catch her to try and get her used to going under. She doesn't like it that much and now when we walk to the pool she says to me "no dunking okay momma?". So cute. So needless to say, with the 45 degree weather we have been hitting the pool pretty much everyday.

On the cultural side we took the little miss to the newly renovated Museum of Nature. She loved it. She's still talking about the frogs. we also hit up the Pop Life exhibit at the National Gallery. We all enjoyed it, despite Jeff Koons enormous ego. Stevie also completed her Sportball class. 2-3 year olds and lots of balls = hilarious!!!

On Canada Day we had a BBQ at our place with friends which was lots of fun. I ate too much but it was unavoidable. Especially with Cara's dips around. Bluesfest has started as well and I had the great pleasure in attending the B52's show. Life altering experience for sure. I have always loved them and have been wanting to see them live so I had to go. It was amazing. So amazing in fact that the next day I was sore from all of the dancing. BEST WORKOUT EVER!!!!!

Stevie and I are off to Toronto this weekend on the train. She's so excited to use her new suitcase. Can't wait to see the fam and my girls.

Here's some photo evidence of the above.

Swim Fan


Sportball Champion

Canada Day BBQ

Tim and Leanne at the B52's

Cindy and the Gang

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Us as Mad Men

Here is Cara, Nat, Darrell and I in Mad Men.

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