Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bye Bye Libby!!!

The world lost a legend today. There will never be another Elizabeth Taylor.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Parenting first

So D and I experienced a parenting first over here in SoRo last weekend. Little Miss S took a tumble into the TV stand last Saturday night. Being clumsy and falling down is not new to her so when she hit I knew it was hard but I figured it might just result in a bruised nose and possibly some black eyes. I ran over, picked her up and hugged her close and that's when I realized that it was so much worse. I was covered in blood, she was covered in blood and we needed to get to the emergency room stat! So D and I hopped into action and got to the hospital in what felt like 2 seconds (driving way faster than we should have been for sure). It was bad. A huge gash above her right eye that was pouring with blood. Needless to say I was super scared and freaked out as we haven't had to deal with something like this yet.

They were super nice at the emergency room and we were ushered in right away. They bandaged her up and then the waiting started. It felt like forever before a doctor came to see us. Once he did, he informed us they would need to sedate her as she would need stitches. Yikes, but totally understandable as there would be no way they could sew her up without it. We were brought into another room where they hooked her up to a heart monitor and then gave her the needle. Now up until this point she was fine. She cried when she hit the TV stand but after that was a trooper. Until the needle came that is. Poor bunny. She really hated the needle but within less than 5 minutes she was out. They set the kit up for the doctor and he came in to start the stitches. Great, looks like we will get out of here at a good hour. Think again. We hear over the PA "CODE BLUE!!", everyone starts freaking out because they all have to run off for some serious emergency leaving us by ourselves. No problem, we will just wait until he comes back. Except when he came back he brought with him a bunch of screaming staff who grabbed Stevie's bed and started rushing us out of the room because they needed it for Mr. Code Blue. As we are being pushed out, they are wheeling Code Blue in. A 500 pound man who is in the process of having a heart attack as evident by the doctor on top of him pounding on his chest.

So freaked out!!! This whole thing was stressing me out so much I am lucky I didn't go into labour.

By the time to doctor came back the sedation had worn off which meant another needle. Even semi-doped up she knew she hated it. Poor bunny, again. Finally out and ready for the sewing, but wait another CODE BLUE!!! Come on, you've got to be kidding me. Luckily this time the doc was back within 5 minutes and he could finish the job. Stevie was all sewn up and ready for home.

She was so good and such a trooper through the whole ordeal it made it so much easier for D and I. Even 5 days later when we went to get the stitches out she didn't even shed one tear. We are so proud of her. And proud of ourselves for getting through all of this.

Ready for the stitches