Monday, February 15, 2010

Betty White

Betty White is awesome. We recently got new cable at home and I watched some Golden Girls reruns this weekend and can't get over how hilarious she is.

Don't believe me? Check out this bit of funny:

When fellow Golden Girl Rue McClanahan was hospitalized after having a stroke a few weeks ago, a friend of Rue’s reported that Betty had sent Rue a “Don’t Get Well” card that said something along the lines of, “Dear Rue, I hope you hurry up and die so I can be the last Golden Girl left. NOT KIDDING.” Rue apparently got a huge kick out of it.

Love her.

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  1. Me too! My Grandpa actually produced her old tv show Life With Elizabeth, and became good friends with her and her husband. She's even my uncle's Godmother. Pretty crazy. Wish I could meet her! She is hilarious! Her SAG awards speech was so amazing.