Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2 already

Two years ago I was at the General Hospital waiting for my little lady to come into the world. After spending 2 days in a hospital room waiting for my induction to take effect things finally started to happen. At this point two years ago I would have been two hours away from meeting Stevie face to face. Was I exhausted beyond belief? For sure. Was it totally worth it and the best day of my life? Most definitely. Not to sound all cheesy but it was truly life changing. And I don't just mean in the never having any time to myself kind of way. It's just changed the way I feel about everything. It's made me appreciate and care about things so much more. And even though being a mom is super hard, I feel like I'm good at being Stevie's Mom. Like this is just something I was meant to do.

Happy Birthday Little Bunny!!! I love you so much.